Air Transportation

Air Transportation

Pey Ban Toos can provide his clients air services from all over the world

The esteemed clients can benefit from the recommendations concerning speeding the freight procedure

In some cases if shippers especially European countries that reject issuing commercial invoice for Iranian buyers or if transit operations via Dubai would not be cost effective, Pey Ban Toos can make it easily doable by re-export of cargo from Dubai

One of PBT airfreight advantages are providing especial services from China and providing direct airfreight from below countries

India, China, Germany, Italy, France, Portugal

:Our airfreight services are as below

Import to Iran

Export from Iran

Transit of cargo to all over the world via Dubai

Door delivery

Cargo tracking

Delivery report

:For offering airfreight below information is needed

Origin country and city with its ZIP Code

Exact weight and dimensions

Cargo name or cargo HS code

Airfreight of DG cargoes

Regarding dangerous cargo, it is necessary to be checked case by case, because it is not possible to transport all kinds of DG cargoes

.Kindly keep noted that transport of cargoes which are in Iran Sanction list are prohibited