Geographical Situation:

Dogharoon is located on the Iran – Afghanistan border and provised Transportation services to Herat from the major road of Islam Qale. With more than more than 2000 years of historical & economical background, Herat is called Afghanistan warehouse. This city is located on the route of transporting goods to Kandahar, Kabul and even to the north of Afghanistan such as Mazar-e- Sherif. The distance from Islam Qale to Herat is 110 km. In fact, Herat is about 112 km far from Dogharoon border/ Iran.

Technical Features:

Dogharon is a border to pass through Iran and transit to Afghanistan.  Herat has been distinguished as a unique place for transiting the goods from Bandar Abbas to Afghanistan because of two major reasons: the first one, is the short distance from Iran to Herat and the second one is the safe route of carriage and Asphalted roads. Also Herat is used as the route of transporting the goods to Quetta & the western cities of Pakistan.